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Hunger/Homelessness Key Initiative

By: Sarah Xu

This year in Interact, we had many events, focused on many themes. One event is the donation drives. This isn’t run on Zoom and it’s an individual project. All we do is follow the requirements and give items to one of the board members' houses.

This may seem easy and not much. But, at the end of the day, you're providing someone something that isn’t as lucky as you.

You would think that you can’t do much during this time because we are at home. But, there’s always a solution. This year in Interact, there have been many ways to give back to people, especially the donation drives during a remote lifestyle. For me, I participated in the Food and Supply Drive for Bay Area Homeless, St. Anthony's Clothing Drive, and Feminine Drive.

During these times, many people lost jobs, lowered wages, struggling to survive, are homeless, hungry, etc… It’s very important to help people when possible and try to help them as much as possible. You wouldn’t want to be struggling (not know when you will be able to eat, if you can survive on the streets, get evicted, etc…) and not have any support. People that are struggling want support and feel happy when they receive support, whether that be getting money, food, clothes, or hygiene products. For yourself, it’s more than earning hours, bragging rights, etc… and instead, you feel joy when helping people. Kindness comes from the inside, not the outside.


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