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  • What is Interact?
    Cal High Interact is a service club that works with the San Ramon Rotary Club. It is one of the largest and most active clubs on campus with over 200 members and 1000+ volunteer hours every year. Interact offers its services in various volunteer events throughout the local community including the Run for Education, Open Heart Kitchen, Danville D’Elegance, Contra Costa Food Drive, Art and Wind Festival, etc. Interact also has fundraisers and different events to raise over a thousand dollars every year to send to nonprofit causes such as the Wildlife Conservation Fund, End Polio Now, and Stop Hunger Now. There are also fun social events where you can meet Interactors from across the state such as District Kickoff and Bay Cruise.
  • How do I join Interact?
    You can join Interact by going to our website and clicking on “Membership Registration” located on the home page. By filling out the form, you will receive all emails which include meeting reminders and details about new opportunities we have for members. ALL MEMBERS MUST FILL THIS OUT ONCE EVERY YEAR, REGARDLESS IF YOU ARE A NEW OR OLD MEMBER. To become an official member of Interact, you must complete five hours of community service throughout the entire year.
  • Why should I join Interact?
    Interact is giant family that invites all to join, making connections with other Interactors and Rotarians. We provide several volunteer opportunities for members every month for those who need to meet community service requirements. Interact looks extremely good on college applications, especially since many college clubs have very active Rotaract clubs, the college version of Interact. We also have incentives for members who volunteer a certain amount of hours including an honorary certificate, free t-shirts, free lanyards, and a free Interact graduation stole.
  • Who is the Interact Board?
    The Interact board is composed of 12 students with various jobs including fundraising coordinator, publicist, webmaster, etc. If you would like to know about who is on the board, visit our “Officers” tab of the website to learn about each of our amazing board members that make Interact possible.
  • When are the meetings?
    I nteract meetings are located every Wednesday during lunch in the Choir Room (the front of the school near the office). Reminders will be sent out every week before the meeting through email and Remind. For those who can’t attend meetings, a recap email will be sent out within a few day after the virtual meeting to all Interactors. You receive fifteen minutes of volunteer service every time you come to a meeting (max of 4 hours a year) as long as you fill out the sign in form located on our website after each meeting.
  • How do volunteer events work?
    Volunteer event information will be sent out every week in the recap email. Links will be attached in the emails for you to sign up for the events you are interested in. Make sure to put “Cal High Interact” in any event you sign up for so the event coordinators know you are from the club. By doing so, Interact can record all your hours throughout the year (posted on the website) for you to keep track of how many hours you have volunteered. The Interact President can sign off all volunteer forms using the Interact volunteer records as proof.
  • Do I need to sign the permission slip?
    YES! Interact can not give credit to you for your volunteer hours until you sign the permission slip. You can still volunteer at events and Interact will still record your hours volunteered, but we can’t sign off any volunteer forms until the permission slip is signed and turned in. Once you turn it in, we can give you credit for all volunteer hours done before and after turning in the slip.
  • I’m not sure I want to join. How do I learn more?
    It’s okay that you aren’t sure you want to join (although we would be happy to have you!). Learn more about us on our website, instagram (@calhighinteract), and Facebook page (CalHighInteract). Join our emailing list (find out how to above in “How to join Interact”) to receive information about our club. By joining the emailing list, you are not necessarily a member of the club, but you will receive emails about volunteer events and when meetings are. Come join us at a meeting and we would happily answer any questions.
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