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Cal Berkeley Stayover - A Rotaract Experience

By: Gisela Lau

One tiresome application and two unforeseen months of anticipation preceded all the glory of January 22, 2022. I, a fresh member of Cal High Interact, attended the Cal Berkeley Rotaract Stayover. CBRS aims to provide Interactors

with unique learning experiences, a glimpse of campus life at UC Berkeley, and bonding among like-minded individuals.

Nearly 40 attendees were split into mascot-inspired groups as the day brought forth college themed workshops, two hours of service, two delicious meals (Berkeley Thai House has amazing chicken gyoza!), and countless opportunities to form friendships. The schedule was thoughtfully crafted to diffuse tension quickly. My group, the Gummy Bears, interrupted a boba date and posed in front of various landmarks to win second place in a scavenger hunt!

CBRS is like no other program. It remains faithful to Rotary’s motto of “Service Above Self” while additionally

supplementing high schoolers’ education with modern advice from successful and respectable young adults. From introductory information about financial aid to making origami for a children’s hospital, CBRS catered to our passions.

Back to Area 11 I brought a custom CBRS shirt, kind notes from peers, memories, and knowledge I am excited to apply and spread. I will forever be grateful for this day. Thank you to every member at Cal Rotaract for your spirit, leadership, and skill that guided us Interactors through the busy day. I would also like to exclusively thank Allie and Cynthia: the Gummy Bears’ leaders and my newest role models. In future years, I hope to return alongside more Cal High Interactors!


-do not wear Converse

-bring extra spending money

-take notes during workshops

-exchange social medias with friends

-be alert while walking downtown

-communicate with both Rotaractors and Interactors

-do not wear Converse!!!


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