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Danville d'Elegance

The Danville d’Elegance Foundation is dedicated to raising funds in support of Parkinson’s research and patient care. With the help of sponsors and volunteers like you, the foundation has raised more than $5 million. Parkisons's affects more than 1 million people in U.S. You can make a huge difference in many people's lives by volunteering at this car show.

Last year, when I volunteered at the Danville d'Elegance, I enjoyed helping distribute T-Shirts, and watching over and bringing water bottles to attendees during the main event. The d'Elegance is a crowded show, so there'll be a lot of people you can talk to! The event is also fun and entertaining because you can walk around the car show to see the best cars in our area.


  • There'll also be volunteers from other clubs, so feel free to talk to them as well

  • There are many restaurants around; ideally you won't have to pack lunch

  • It will be sunny in the low 70's, so dress appropriately

  • Try to help whenever you can. If you see any other volunteer not knowing what to do, try to find something they can do as well.

  • The d'Elegance is a big event, so it's quite easy to get lost. See the map

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