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Interact 5160 District Kick Off Recap

Interact District Council 5160 hosted the annual Kick Off Party this last Sunday on September 17th, in Winters at Rotary Park. During Kick Off Interactors from Areas 1 through 11 had the opportunity to meet, share ideas for fundraisers and volunteer events, participate in team building activities, and find out what this year’s service project would be.

The day started with our district governors Darcy Coulter and Swetha Sankar (our very own Vice President!) addressing the Interactors and revealing that this year’s service project is the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)!

We then broke into two groups. Our club’s first block was playing fun team building and ice breaker games, including Link Tag, Concentration, Pirate Ship, and Honey I Love You. This provided an opportunity to break off from Interactors you already knew and met and learn about new people from different Areas and schools. We then took a break for lunch, and then switched to our second block, learning more about District Council and the Wildlife Conservation Society and discussing ideas about fundraising and social events for the year. We learned that the Wildlife Conservation Society aims to protect biodiversity hotspots around the world and expand on conservation field programs. We also had the opportunity to exchange ideas with students from students in Area 11 and learn more about their Interact Clubs.

This year was kicked off to a great start and we're looking forward to the rest of it!

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