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Crayon Initiative

The Crayon Initiative is a nonprofit organization that collects and

reshapes old crayons into brand new crayons that are sent to hospitals around the world. These crayons are given to the children in the hospitals, giving them a fun activity during their stay. Something as small as crayon can really make the day of a young child.

At this event, volunteers will actually be able to be part of the crayon making process. Interactors are put in three separate groups where ​​they are assigned different jobs. One group will sort the crayons by color, another will melt the crayons and put them into molds to cool, and the last group will package all the brand new crayons to be shipped to hospitals worldwide.

I personally really enjoy this event because it is such a hands-on volunteer event. You get to really know the other volunteers in your group because you are all working together on a common activity. It’s a great bonding event so be ready to make new friends! There is always something to do and each of these activities are all equally fun to do (although a lot of people like to melt the crayons in the kitchen… it’s pretty cool).

Here are some personal tips for the event:

  1. Get there early!!! The google maps location of the event isn’t actually the exact location. Allot some time before the event starts to look for the actual shop. It is hidden in the back corner of the plaza and can be difficult to find for some people.

  2. Sign your waiver. Since you may be dealing with hot stoves to melt crayons and other potentially dangerous tools, the organization requires you to sign a waiver beforehand. They are pretty strict about this and in past years volunteers have not been allowed to volunteer without the waiver.

  3. Wear clothes that you wouldn’t care if they got dirty. Again, you are dealing with a lot of color and melted crayons. If you go in wearing a white shirt, you won’t come out wearing that same color. Just be conscious that your clothes may get dirty during this event so dress accordingly.

  4. Be open to meeting new people! This is an awesome event to make new friends and meet other Interactors. Be open to talking to others and it will make the event more fun for not only you but the other people in your group as well.

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